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April 21 at 7pm, Virtual Lecture: History of Preserving Foods presented by Michelle Fabian
In relation to our newest exhibition, Hot Stuff and Cool Ideas: Vintage Heating and Cooling Inventions, MOAH's own Exhibit and Operations Manager is giving a lecture on the history and methods of preserving food. Michelle will discuss the variety of ways one can preserve food and how these methods came to be. She'll specifically focus on the different ways to preserve food using hot and cold temperatures. Michelle Fabian is a Palo Alto native and has worked at MOAH for over three years. Michelle has her master's degree in History and enjoys gaining new knowledge. She currently lives in Monterey County and will highlight some fun facts about Monterey's canning industry during her lecture. Watch the lecture HERE

Virtual Lecture - Jan. 27 at 7pm: Building Together with LEGO

Adam and Simone Williams have been members of BayLUG, the Bay Area LEGO Users Group, for 7 years. They are key leaders in the club, including managing the holiday show at MOAH. They are known in the Bay Area for their custom architectural and landscape creations with moving elements, including this year's jungle volcano. Adam and Simone will share their experience in the LEGO hobby, including their past and present creations, tips and tricks about the craft, and general information about BayLUG and the Adult Fans of LEGO community. This lecture will be virtual and conducted on Zoom webinar. Watch the lecture HERE

November 18, 2021 at 7pm: Virtual Tour of Buck's Restaurant of Woodside  
After nearly 30 years Jamis and Margaret MacNiven retired from the day to day operations at Buck's Restaurant of Woodside

Buck's has been taken over by the three MacNiven boys who have kept the interior. Jamis thought that at the end of his tenure he might have to sell the collection of artifacts but who would buy such stuff? Much of it is pretty firmly nailed down and it wouldn't mean much out of context. So last year he realized he might be able to sell a photo of his collection and still keep the items. He did it and it sold for an astounding sum. Join Jamis as he will lead you on a virtual tour of the Buck's collection and reveal what the NFT sold for.
Watch the lecture HERE

March 4, 2021: Cringeworthy and Bizarre Artifacts Virtual Lecture presented by Jim Wall 
Join Museum of American Heritage (MOAH) president Jim Wall online when he presents some of the weird, unusual, and cringe worthy artifacts from the museum collection and beyond. What is it that makes something disturbing, terrifying, or just makes us uncomfortable? A wide ranging talk spanning vintage advertisements to physical artifacts from the museum collection. Take this opportunity to find out about some of the world's most disturbing medical artifacts and the history behind them. Watch the lecture HERE

April 14 at 5pm: "For the Love of Iris" Virtual Lecture presented by Betsy Fryberger via Zoom
The iris was beloved by two remarkable Palo Alto women, Dora Williams and Elizabeth Gamble. Learn how their passion for these stately, fragrant flowers became the signature of their gardens nearly a century ago and how we continue to enjoy them today. Join Betsy Fryberger for a fascinating look at the historic Williams garden on Homer Avenue which features many bearded iris introduced in the 1930s. In her talk, she will share photos and try to answer the question, "Did Dora Williams and Elizabeth Gamble know each other?" This program is co-hosted by Gamble Garden, The Woman's Club of Palo Alto, and The Museum of American Heritage.

Betsy Fryberger, former curator of prints and drawings at the Cantor Museum at Stanford, is an avid gardener who is especially interested in historic gardens. She has been a dedicated volunteer in the garden for many years at both The Museum of American Heritage (MOAH) and the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden. Watch the lecture HERE .